Listing the 5 fat burning ingredients that work wonders in extra pound shedding:

Along with cardio and yoga, if an individual pays attention to the foods that are being consumed, the fat shedding journey would be more beneficial. Since food comes first, it is important to notice what needs to be eaten for a healthy body. Thus, the top 5 fats burning ingredients that must be present in foods are as follows:

  • Lemon-

An active ingredient that helps in bringing down the entire fast, the vitamin C present in it helps in reducing the stress level in the body and acts as an instant fat burner. Plus, there are certain vitamin C that can be taken as well as it helps the body to feel full and increases the metabolism in the body for good. Lemon acts as an active ingredient and this makes the body absorb all of it, thereby melting the fat in the body.

  • Ginger-

One of the best fat burning ingredients that must be opted for is none other than Ginger. The vitamins and minerals that are present in ginger are one of the best and thus, it is quite effective to aid the weight loss. One can drink up some ginger tea in the morning and infuse the ingredient to some foods as well. Ginger is filled with anti-oxidants as well and this makes for an amazing weight loss journey.


  • Honey-

Honey is an ancient ingredient that is used as a fat burner in most recipes and the intake of honey on a regular basis brings in the required results. According to a recent study brought down by the group of health experts, honey can reduce the body fat by up to 2% and make the body glowing as well. Since the anti-oxidant level is higher than expected, one can totally trust this ingredient for weight loss.

  • Cinnamon-

Cinnamon can be taken in the liquid form or in the powdered form, as both stands to be effective in the weight loss journey. Cinnamon has an ingredient named tyrosine which helps in increasing the metabolism in the body and the calorie gets burnt naturally. The intake of cinnamon on a daily basis is supposed to reduce around 3 to 4 kgs of body weight in a month and it also reduces the hunger cravings as well. The body feels lighter and energetic too.

  • Green tea-

Have you thought of green tea to be one of the most static and instant ingredients for fat loss? Well, the amount of anti-oxidants present in green tea is surely one of the best in weight loss. Plus, green tea extracts are also available and chances of better revival through the fat burning journey turn out to be amazing as well.

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